How to Buy a Good French Bulldog Puppy


When in need of a French bulldog puppy, you need the one that fits your personality as well as lives a happy and long life. Below are tips to help you buy the best French bulldog puppy.


You should decide between a female and a male puppy. This depends on what you desire from your puppy. If you desire to have a more energetic dog, consider a male puppy. However, if you need a more relaxed dog, go for a female puppy. However, with proper training, the two genders will properly fit into your family within no time.


Look at the breeder’s personality. You can determine how a person treats dogs by looking at how they interact with you. Rude and cheap breeders are a no go zone. When purchasing your puppy, you need a breeder who cares and answers your queries as well as shows you the parents and informs you about their problems and history. If a breeder treats you with respect, there are higher chances that they extend the same kindness to their dogs. If a breeder appears to only be interested in earning quick cash and is unwilling to provide you with any information, walk away.


Observe the puppy properly. Before you acquire a French bulldog puppy, you should look at them carefully to check whether he/she has any potential problems. First, look at the eyes to note whether they are in good health; look if there is clouding on the eyes as this can impair a puppy’s vision and make it completely blind and they grow. Secondly, look whether the puppy has back problems, head that is relatively bigger compared to their bodies, and malformed hips as these symptoms show a puppy could be suffering from chondrodystrophy. Besides, consider the puppy’s tail. French bulldog’s tails are short but some breeders try to make it more screwed, a fact that can cause nerve and spinal damage. Be sure to view here!


Consider age. The age at which a French bulldog puppy leaves its mother matters a lot. A good breeder cannot sell a puppy that is younger than 8 weeks because they require socializing with its siblings and gets the nutrition they require from the mother. Get french bulldog puppies for sale in florida here!


Pay attention to your lifestyle. Before acquiring a French bulldog puppy, decide if it will conform to your family’s lifestyle. Frenchies are known as low energy dogs. If you need an active dog with which to go on hiking trips, avoid Frenchie. However, if you live in a small apartment and do not need a dog for long walks and exercises, Frenchies are a good choice. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best dogs, visit

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